Goals Based Automated Segmentation

We as humans often struggle to come up with specific criteria for a customer segment. It's almost impossible to remember thousands of data points to come up with specific customer cohorts.

Fulcrum's Goals capability let's you define your business, product and customer goals. The AI-based adaptive segmentation engine uses these goals to automatically come up with customer segments who are likely to achieve the goals and the ones who are not.

Fulcrum Goals UI

How to Configure A Goal

To configure a goal:

  1. Navigate to the Goals section under the AI Settings (opens in a new tab) page.

  2. Select Create New Goal on the left.

  3. Name your Goal.

  4. Select data type. Fulcrum supports three data types: Events, User Property, and Organization Property.

    Fulcrum Create New Goal

  5. Type in the field name under Parameters. As you start typing in the field name, Fulcrum will automatically show you relevant field suggestions.

  6. Follow on screen prompts to configure and save the goal

Fulcrum's automated segmentation engine starts working and when it sees enoough data and has high level of confidence, it generates relevant segments. Fulcrum will automatically email you when new segments are created based on your goals.