Adaptable Segmentation

Automated and Adaptable Customer Segmentation

Fulcrum's AI-powered adaptive segmentation platform for B2B companies that goes beyond traditional segmentation. Fulcrum acts as a co-pilot for segmentation by automatically identifying key user segments including churn-risk accounts, understanding effectiveness of each segment and highlighting their impact on key business KPIs. These segments are dynamic, adapta to your business goals and get smarter over time.

There are three ways to create dynamic customer segments:

AI-based Automated Segments

Fulcrum is an automated adaptive segmentation engine. The engine automatically comes up with key segments and adapt them to your business goals. The engine takes three takes following inputs to personalize your segments

  • Customer data: Fulcrum brings customer 360 data together in one place and automatically forms customer profiles. This includes product behavior data (e.g. Mixpanel, Amplitude), marketing automation data (e.g. Marketo, Iterable), CRM data (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot) and account data through data warehouses (e.g. Snowflake, BigQuery).
  • Key Fields: Customer data is always messy and imperfect. Fulcrum UI helps you select key fields in your data. This helps the engine understand what's important for your business and helps you label your data to make sure the segments are personalized to your business. Learn more about Key Fields.
  • Goals: Fulcrum takes your product and business goals as input to automatically come up with customer segments that are likely to achieve and no likely to achieve the goal. These goals could be Activation, Expansion, Upgrade, or Engagement goals. For e.g. Small Accounts growing to ARR >$50k. Learn more about Goals

Fulcrum automatically computes additional key fields, including:

  • Interesting Fields: For e,g, % active members per organization etc.
  • Firmographic Data: For e.g. Company Size, Industry etc.

Import Segments from External tools

You can bring your product cohorts or looker cohorts into Fulcrum and turn Fulcrum into a single source of truth for all your customer segmentation. You often have segments you already reference in other tools or spreadsheets. Fulcrum supports easy import of these segments. Learn more about the supported platforms here.

Manually Create Dynamic Segments

A key power of the Fulcrum platform is to use complex criteria on customer 360 data to create dynamic customer segments. These segments stay real-time as customer data fetches to Fulcrum. See how to manually create segments using Fulcrum

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