Email Experiences

Create Email Experiences Using Iterable

In today's competitive landscape, successful email marketing campaigns require a strategic approach that engages customers with relevant content. Fulcrum's segmentation capabilities combined with Iterable's powerful marketing platform offer a dynamic solution for enhancing your email marketing efforts. By syncing Fulcrum's AI-based segments with Iterable's lists, you can create personalized campaigns that lead to improved ROI and customer engagement.

Key Benefits

1. AI-Based Dynamic Segments

Fulcrum's segmentation leverages AI to categorize your audience based on various attributes such as product behavior, marketing attributes, sales data and account information. This AI-driven segmentation ensures that your campaigns are targeted and relevant, increasing the chances of engagement.

2. Improved ROI in Email Marketing Campaigns

With Fulcrum segments integrated into Iterable, you can send highly targeted emails to specific customer groups. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of conversions, leading to a higher return on investment (ROI) for your email marketing campaigns. In fact, Fulcrum Segments understand the campaign impact and can recommend better segment improvements.

Steps to Sync Fulcrum Segments to Iterable Lists

Step 1: Access Fulcrum's Segment Page

Navigate to Fulcrum's platform and access the Segment Page where you manage your customer segments.

Step 2: Add Iterable as a Sync Application

Within a specific Fulcrum's Segment Page, locate the option to add a sync application. Choose Iterable as the sync application to establish the connection between the two platforms.

Step 3: Input Iterable API Key

To authenticate the connection, you need to input the Iterable API key. Retrieve the API key from the Iterable portal by navigating to Integrations > API key. This step ensures secure data transfer between Fulcrum and Iterable.

Step 4: Complete the Sync Process

Follow the prompts within Fulcrum to complete the sync process. This will establish the connection between your Fulcrum segments and Iterable lists.

Utilizing Fulcrum Segments in Iterable

After successfully syncing Fulcrum segments with Iterable lists, you can seamlessly incorporate them into your email experiences.

Step 1: Create a New Marketing Campaign

Within Iterable, create a new marketing campaign for a specific purpose, such as a new user activation campaign or an upgrades campaign.

Step 2: Choose a Fulcrum Segment

During campaign setup, you'll have the option to select a target audience from your Fulcrum segments that you synced earlier. Choose the segment that aligns with your campaign objectives.

Step 3: Personalize Content and Send

Tailor your email content to the selected Fulcrum segment, ensuring that the messaging resonates with their specific attributes and behaviors. Once satisfied, launch your campaign.

By integrating Fulcrum's dynamic segments with Iterable's powerful marketing platform, you can unlock the potential of personalized and targeted email experiences. The synergy between AI-driven segmentation and Iterable's capabilities allows you to engage customers effectively, leading to improved ROI and higher customer satisfaction. Follow the outlined steps to seamlessly sync your Fulcrum segments with Iterable lists, and make the most of this integration to elevate your email campaigns.