Customer Experiences

Experiences and Touchpoints

Experiences is a powerful feature in Fulcrum that enables the creation of user touchpoints both inside and outside the product. These touchpoints form a journey guiding customers to maximize their individual Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve their goals effectively.

Key Features

  • No-Code Platform: Experiences is a no-code platform. This allows you to create hyper-targeted and personalized in-product and out-of-product experiences in minutes without requiring code changes.

  • New Product Experiences: Create a variety of touchpoints, including but not limited to webinar registrations, renewal warnings, quota notifications, customer surveys, customized product journeys, and onboarding sequences.

  • Modify Existing Product Experiences Easily modify existing product experiences without requiring any code changes. You can easily modify copy, feature visibility or replace UI elements for specific customer segments.

Getting Started

To leverage the Experiences feature, follow on screen prompts in the fulcrum app or see the Getting Started guide.

The Experiences feature in Fulcrum empowers you to enhance user engagement and achieve business objectives by crafting tailored touchpoints. Whether it's within the product or external interactions, Experiences provide a dynamic and adaptable solution for personalized user journeys.