Add Salesforce to Fulcrum

To add Salesforce to Fulcrum and ingest account-level data to Fulcrum, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Fulcrum's Integration Page

Step 2: Select "Connect" by Salesforce

  • On the integration page, look for the Salesforce integration. Fulcrum Salesforce Integration

  • Once you find the Salesforce integration, click on the "Connect". This will initiate the integration setup.

Step 3: Authenticate with Salesforce

  • You can specific which field Fulcrum should treat as unique organization ID. (Default is the Account ID column). Fulcrum Salesforce Connect

  • After confirming the field, click on the "Connect Salesforce" button to proceed.

  • You will be redirected to your Salesforce login. Enter login details and submit.

  • This will authenticate with Salesforce and bring you back to the Fulcrum app

  • At this point, the integration setup is complete, and Fulcrum will start fetching account data from Salesforce.

Now, you can create dynamic segments on the real-time data from Salesforce and any additional sources you have connected.