Welcome to Fulcrum Documentation

Fulcrum is an AI-powered segmentation platform for B2B companies that goes beyond traditional segmentation. Fulcrum acts as a co-pilot for segmentation by automatically recommending key user segments, understanding effectiveness of each segment and highlighting their impact on key business KPIs.

Quick Start Guide

Two core steps:

  • Bring your customer 360 data via Fulcrum's Data Source connectors. See supported integrations
  • Specify key user milestones and business goals

Fulcrum will automatically identify key customer segments and start to understand their impact on the goals.

We believe a single source of truth for segmentation can help break down functional silos. This is why Fulcrum automatically syncs dynamic segments to application code through first-class SDKs, CRM platforms (like Salesforce), email marketing platforms (like Marketo & Iterable) and product engagement tools (like Pendo). See Guides to sync segments across your tool stack.